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[texts]Climb and high-speed tests of a Curtiss no. 714-1C2-12 four-blade propeller on the Republic P-47C airplane - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Propellers, Aerial; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 99
[texts]Maximum rates of control motion obtained from ground tests - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Elevators (Airplanes; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 48
[texts]Variation of hydrodynamic impact loads with flight-path angle for a prismatic float at 6° and 9° trim and a 22 1/2° angle of dead rise - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Seaplanes; Airplanes--Landing; Aeronautics--Research
Downloads: 89
[texts]Heat transfer and pressure measurement on a 5-inch hemispherical concave nose at a Mach number of 2.0 - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Skin friction (Aerodynamics; Noses (Aircraft; Heat--Transmission
Downloads: 60
[texts]Comparison of tail and wing-tip spin-recovery parachutes as determined by tests in the Langley 20-foot free-spinning tunnel - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Parachutes; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 147
[texts]Effect of lateral area on the lateral stability and control characteristics of an airplane as determined by tests of a model in the Langley free-flight tunnel - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Yawing (Aerodynamics; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 178
[texts]Resistance tests of models of three flying-boat hulls with a length-beam ration of 10.5 - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Airplanes--Nacelles; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 114
[texts]Mass-distribution criterion for predicting the effect of control manipulation on the recovery from a spin - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Spin (Aerodynamics; Aeronautics--Research
Downloads: 68
[texts]Qualitative measurements of the effective heats of ablation of several materials in supersonic air jets at stagnation temperatures up to 11,000° F - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Ablation (Aerothermodynamics; Supersonic planes; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 91
[texts]Effect of wing modifications on the longitudinal stability of a tailless all-wing airplane model - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Airplanes--Wings--Testing; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 112
[texts]Effect of normal pressure on the critical shear stress of curved sheet - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Airplanes--Wings--Testing; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 77
[texts]Column and plate compressive strengths of aircraft structural materials 24S-T aluminum-alloy sheet - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Airplanes--Testing; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 114
[texts]Development of cowling for long-nose air-cooled engine in the NACA full-scale wind tunnel - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Airplanes--Motors--Cowlings; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 84
[texts]Approximate method for estimating the incompressible laminar boundary-layer characteristics on a flat plate in slipping flow - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Laminar boundary layer; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 71
[texts]Flow past a straight- and a swept-wing-body combination and their equivalent bodies of revolution at Mach numbers near 1.0 - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Body of revolution; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 51
[texts]Flight investigation of wing-gun fairings on a fighter type airplane - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Fire control (Aerial gunnery)--Equipment; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 121
[texts]Effect of Mach number on position error as applied to a pitot-static tube located 0.55 chord ahead of an airplane wing - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Airplanes--Wings; Aerofoils; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 85
[texts]Effect of high wing loading on landing technique and distance, with experimental data for the B-26 airplane - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Bombers; Aeronautics--Research
Downloads: 115
[texts]Measurements of aerodynamic heat transfer and boundary-layer transition on a 10° cone in free flight at supersonic Mach numbers up to 5.9 - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Heat--Transmission; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 55
[texts]Electromagnetic-analogy method of solving lifting-surface-theory problems - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Compressibility; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 118
[texts]Study of the flow over a 45° sweptback wing -fuselage combination at transonic Mach numbers - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Aerodynamics, Transonic; Airplanes--Wings, Swept-back; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 70
[texts]Scale-effect tests in a turbulent tunnel of the NACA 653-418, a = 1.0 airfoil section with 0.20-airfoil-chord split flap - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Reynolds number; Aerofoils; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 75
[texts]Langley full-scale-tunnel tests of the custer channel wing airplane - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Propellers, Aerial; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 79
[texts]Heat transfer and skin friction for turbulent boundary layers on heated or cooled surfaces at high speeds - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Aerodynamics--Research; Skin friction (Aerodynamics
Downloads: 116
[texts]Effects of roughness at high Reynolds numbers on the lift and drag characteristics of three thick airfoils - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Reynolds number; Aerofoils; Lift (Aerodynamics; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 171
[texts]Effects of compressibility on the maximum lift characteristics and spanwise load distribution of a 12-foot-span fighter-type wing of NACA 230-series airfoil sections - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Aerofoils; Compressibility; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 103
[texts]Wind-tunnel investigation of control-surface characteristics.: XX, Plain and balanced flaps on an NACA 0009 rectangular semispan tail surface - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Airplanes--Wings--Testing; Flaps (Airplanes; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 105
[texts]Numerical evaluation of the [epsilon]-integral occurring in the Theodorsen arbitrary-airfoil potential theory - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Conformal mapping; Harmonic analysis; Aeronautics--Research
Downloads: 80
[texts]Theory of propellers.: II,Method for calculating the axial interference velocity - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Propellers, Aerial; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 125
[texts]Variation of hydrodynamic impact loads with flight-path angle for a prismatic float at 3° trim and with a 22 1/2° angle of dead rise - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Seaplanes; Airplanes--Landing; Aeronautics--Research
Downloads: 77
[texts]Comparison of tightness of 78° machine-countersunk rivets driven in holes prepared with 78° and 82° countersinking tools - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Airplanes--Design and construction; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 92
[texts]Estimation of pressures on cockpit canopies, gun turrets, blisters, and similar protuberances - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Bombers; Airplanes--Cockpits; Aerodynamic load
Downloads: 75
[texts]Automatically variable control linkage and its effect on the lateral-control characteristics of a high-speed fighter airplane - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Fighter planes; Ailerons; Aerodynamics
Downloads: 103
[texts]Free-flight measurements of aerodynamic heat transfer to Mach number 3.9 and of drag to Mach number 6.9 of a fin-stabilized cone-cylinder configuration - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Heat--Transmission; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 78
[texts]Method for studying the hunting oscillations of an airplane with a simple type of automatic control - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Oscillations; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 74
[texts]Comparison of wind-tunnel and flight measurements of stability and control characteristics of a Douglas A-26 airplane - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Stability of airplanes; Bombers; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 88
[texts]Analysis of vertical-tail loads in rolling pull-out maneuvers - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Ailerons; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 92
[texts]Determination of effective column length from strain measurements - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Airplanes, Tailless; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 88
[texts]Airfoil-contour modifications based on [epsilon]-curve method of calculating pressure distribution - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Aerofoils; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 67
[texts]Preliminary flight research on an all-movable horizontal tail as a longitudinal control for flight at high mach numbers - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Mach number; Compressibility; Fighter planes; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 84
[texts]Effect of artificial aging on the tensile properties of alclad 24S-T and 24S-T aluminum alloy - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Aluminum alloys--Testing; Aerodynamics--Research; Airplanes--Structure--Research
Downloads: 80
[texts]Prediction of motions of an airplane resulting from abrupt movement of lateral or directional controls - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Ailerons; Yawing (Aerodynamics
Downloads: 61
[texts]Flow of a compressible fluid past a circular arc profile - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Mach number; Compressibility; Aerodynamics
Downloads: 104
[texts]Effect of lateral shift of center of gravity on rudder deflection required for trim - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Bombers; Steering-gear; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 69
[texts]Comparison between calculated and measured loads on wing and horizontal tail in pull-up maneuvers - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Airplanes--Wings--Testing; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 64
[texts]Comparison of data obtained by two flight techniques for determining the sideslip characteristics of a fighter airplane - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Fighter planes; Airplanes--Control systems; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 71
[texts]NACA mach number warning device for use in flight - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Mach number; Aerodynamics
Downloads: 130
[texts]Exploratory investigation of transpiration cooling of a 40° double wedge using nitrogen and helium as coolants at stagnation temperatures of 1,295° to 2,910° F - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Transpiration (Physics; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 49
[texts]Experimental convective heat transfer to a 4-inch and 6-inch hemisphere at Mach numbers from 1.62 to 3.04 - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Heat--Transmission; Aerodynamics--Research; Turbulent boundary layer
Downloads: 92
[texts]Theory of propellers.:I, Determination of the circulation function and the mass coefficient for dual-rotating propellers - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Propellers, Aerial; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 121
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